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IPinfonomics LLC was founded in 2013 by Tim Myers, a patent attorney and former patent development director for Hewlett-Packard.  Tim is also a registered Professional Engineer (OR) and a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst.  This website’s intent is to help inventors and companies create, manage, and value their intellectual property.    With this site, you can search U.S. granted patents and obtain various statistics derived from publicly available databases.  However, rather than just raw statistics, Pat-Insights! delivers real actionable insight based on those statistics to allow you make the more productive use of your patents.

As the U.S. American Invents Act comes into full force March 16th, 2013, there will be many changes at the USPTO with their rules and regulations as well as changes to the U.S. Code.  The foremost of these will be the “First Inventor to File” change from the current “First Inventor to Invent.”  There have been some last minute changes by Congress and much of the new rules and regulations have yet to be tested.  Tim will be blogging on how best to practice patent portfolio management as this change occurs.

Like the Wright Brothers, this new approach to analyzing patents is just taking off.  As time progresses and more data is available, the number of stats available and the insights possible from them will grow.  Keep coming back to the website and let us know if there are a particular stats or insights you believe would be helpful.  If you would like additional information about managing your intellectual property, please contact us.

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