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Determine the best use of the patents in your portfolio with Pat-Insights!

Like the Wright bothers' first airplane, this new technology for evaluating patents is just taking off. It allows for quick and action-able insights to keep your portfolio costs within budget and at the ready if need calls.
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Create, Manage, and Value Intellectual Property

The word-wide database of patents is Big Data!

Knowing how your patent or portfolio relates relative to others helps in making the big decisions of whether to keep, sell, license, cross-license, or release to the public domain. Using the Pat-Insights! will help make those decisions be better informed.

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Finding the right use for your technology!

Some inventions are well before their time. Is your technology not ready for the current markets? Is the problem being solved one that attracts the interest of others? Is there another purpose more valuable for the technology? Are there prior technologies now in the public domain which could help your technology better meet its objectives? It all begins with Patent Archaeology.

Trade-offs! When does one have a quality patent?

A patent is a legal document that has to be technically correct and hopefully commercially viable. Finding the right balance in drafting and prosecuting patents is important to having valuable patents. Following generally accepted best practices based on the results of court decisions while focusing the claims on valuable markets helps ensure you will get the best patent possible.

Sometimes its difficult to get complicated projects off the ground. If only you could count on your patent to deliver when needed.

Managing portfolios of patents with Pat-Insights! help to make sure that each patent within a portfolio is able to reach its full potential, whether it is for litigation, defensive, licensing, or sale. Pat-Insights! helps to identify which patents should be likely lapsed, allowed to expire, and sold or licensed.

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During Beta Testing, full access is free for testing purposes. Work with portfolios, select different uses, and download data. To request an account, please select the "About-Contact" tab in the main menu.
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October 31, 2014 updated with PATSTAT April 2014 data